EXOSOME Isolation

Don't waste your time and effort anymore for exosome isolation.

Exopert stably separates and analyzes exosomes from your sample.

Many researchers who experimentally deal with exosomes are having difficulties separating exosomes. Exopert is running an exosome isolation service for these researchers. We will separate exosomes using 500uL sample coming across with analysis of the size and concentration.

Exosome isolation service

for Researchers


Stable Isolation

Stable isolation

utilizing column chromatography

Rapid isolation

Exosome isolation

within 15 minutes

High Purity isolation

Isolation of high purity exosomes where soluble and lipid proteins are removed

EXo-i for Exosome isolation

Plasma/serum or Cellmedia

 EXo-i enables rapid isolation of exosomes from cell culture and blood within 15 minutes. EXo-i effectively removes soluble and lipid proteins allowing high-purity exosomes to be obtained from samples.

 It takes an approach using only the path difference of particles depending on column sizes, so that no other chemical or physical modification is applied to the exosomes. Thus, it facilitates further research greatly through the captured high purity exosomes.