Exosome Expert

We offer the best solution for your exosome research. 

Providing optimal technologies

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From isolation to characterization, we provide high-purity exosome isolation kit and services for successful diagnostic and therapeutic research. More convenient research will be possible with our characterization services, including size distribution, marker expression, and TEM analysis.

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Developing innovative technologies

We are developing novel and cutting-edge technologies to overcome unmet needs in biomedical fields. Through a label-free and ultra-sensitive spectroscopic method, we are finding clues of the exosome related to critical diseases such as cancer


EXoPERT will be with your cutting-edge exosome research

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Rapid and stable isolation of exosomes

from various biological samples

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In-vivo diagnostics and liquid biopsy 

by AI-based exosome analysis

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Exosome-based novel therapeutic strategy for cancers


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